“Are we alive, are we insane Trying to disguise so much pain

Are we alive, or are we betrayed…Who gives a damn about it anyway?” Vertical horizon

something funny..i dowloaded a song in Kazaa entitled “Have you ever by Incubus..when I listened to the song it turns out to be some song by some teeny bopper band er-group…so significant no?

I just decided out of sheer boredom to read a friend’s blog. unfortunately, I am unable to let you guys know the url ( see F, I kept my word)…one of his previous posts hit close to home…it was, in a gist, not loving that someone who thinks the world of you…not that I approve of what he but whaddaheck it his life but then again…ahh never mind…its just my heart blabbing…

And to borrow a line or two….

“there is no such thing as falling in love. Because love is an active decision. you don’t fall into it. You decide to do so, with both eyes open….

When I realize this – I hope things will never be too late.”

..alas, the last line is something that I will never utter again..i have cleaned my slate and made sure that I am at peace with everyone in my past (both those I have hurt and those who hurt me) and am trying to be a better person…more focused and appreciative of what I have…my karma hopefully has been leveled…

“The greatest thing that you’ll ever know is to love and to be loved in return.”

You’re Linus! Some people think you’re a little old
for your blanket, but don’t listen to them. And
you better watch out for your stalker, Sally.

Which of The Peanuts are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

HA! see! even Quizilla agrees…for those who don’t know, I still have a security blanket–este pillow..my laway pillow…its my well travelled laway pillow…it goes where I go….it s’posed to be color yellow like the butterfinger chocolate bar but because it hasn’t been washed for..YEARS medyo iba na kulaw nya…at ngayon nawawala pa sya..i think TIN made it nakaw..kse she wants that pillow of mine!!!!

met up w my vianca this afternoon. ate in Sentro…kainis di ko na makain yung butong pakwan nila…yehey! she’s finally going back to Manila 🙂 yippeee…we are in business girls! Then when Vianca left I waited for Marc in Powerbooks and bought some new books to read…ate in Cafe Bola…music one to check out new songs that I can download hehehe then went to eastwood. meron na palang shops dun…and they close late! we watched his cousin lee’s band SHE SAID play in Ipanema. His cousin was gwapo. kamukhang kamukha ni diether Ocampo. swear! Their band was good! galing nung lead singer. puro alternative songs. kaso I was sleepy and it showed when Marc told me na we should go home na…got home around 12 na ata e…something’s weird w marc…he wasn’t like that naman before…he makes me asikaso na…before wla naman sya paki e…now..not exactly the gentleman pero he…does things that I’m not used to…he offers me his food and if i say yes, sya pa yung naghihiwa and naglalagay sa plate ko..he puts food on my plate at times..he refers to his dad as : “si dad”: …and when he makes me hatid, he waits till makapasok ako and while waiting he opens the window and he also texts me when he’s home na…medyo weird…not used to it…


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