I had one of the most pleasant shocks (shaks) of my life when I checked my e-mail:

The subject goes (na dito palang nagulantang na ako):

Your site hundun.blogspot.com was nominated

tapos sbe sa e-mail:


Your site hundun.blogspot.com was nominated by aMgiNe. If you accept the nomination your site will be included on the Philippine Blog Awards website. Just make a blank reply to this email with subject “hundun.blogspot.com” for your approval.

Thank You

Philippine Blog Awards

To you amgine: THANK YOU !!!

I checked out the website of the Philippine blog awards and with my usual lait self I found myself grumbling sa prizes na one will get when you win:

We will be giving 3 Major (take note MAJOR NA YAN A.AKALA KO CONSUELO DE BOBO prizes lang) Awards :

Philippine Blog Website of the Year – P500 plus blog site exposure.

Filipino Blogger of the Year – P500 plus blog site exposure.

Most Informative Blog Siter – P500 plus blog site exposure.

o sya sige na..i guess its the feeling of being nominated ang pinaka prize one can get..i swear ang sarap ng feeling 😉


On a different note…o may pasakalye pa…change topic lang naman!

yung resolution na to ngayon lang ni effect pero sa totoo lang po mga friends the “law” (actually di naman sya law pero PD…basta may difference believe me) matagal na pong may ganyang “law”. Marcos time pero wala naman nangyari and never ni implement

“Drivers who violate traffic rules will no longer be required to surrender their licenses by the end of the month, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority said on Saturday. Instead, drivers are free to go as soon as they are issued traffic violation receipts.

The new system is part of the MMDA’s “no contact apprehension” program designed to enforce the traffic rules without obstructing the flow of traffic. Executive Director Angelito Vergel De dios, chief of the MMDA-Traffic Operation Center (TOC) said the new system would be implemented before the end of the month.

Under the scheme all drivers both private and public that committed a traffic offence will just be issued a TVR without confiscating their driver’s license and they will just pay the corresponding fines in any Metrobank branches nationwide.

MMDA acting chairman Cesar Lacuna appealed to all drivers who have been issued traffic citation receipts to settle their unpaid fines to avoid further inconvenience. Lacuna said if the traffic offender failed to pay the corresponding fines on the date specified in their TVRs they will have to pay additional fines plus their vehicles will not be allowed by the Land Transportation to be registered.”

–Jefferson Antiporda

:: as per MMDA Resolution No. 04-05

My horoscopes for last friday sez:

If you’re feeling tired, maybe it’s because you’ve come such a long way. Stop driving yourself so hard and make sure your back is well patted. Life’s different and better now, no matter how you look at it.

yeah…i think i have gone a long way but the journey has just begun for me…still the road is long…there is no yellow brick road to lead me to my destination or red mary janes that can take me back from whence I came…nor is Glinda, the Good Witch of the North around….I, as usual, am alone in the highway of life and am in the loneliest lane…when will i be able to shift gears? I got stuck in first gear, y’see…won’t you journey with me? won’t you be my pinch driver? I must be tired from all the hours I logged in driving…I would want to rest y’know…

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” -Henry Ford

My horoscope for today, June 27:

Friends are stepping forward to lend a hand. Work up the courage to try something new while you’ve got many hands to catch you — and to applaud.

*as I have said before…my friends…are diamonds in dustheaps…my girls, my office friends, bloggers friends…everyone…i thank God everyday for you

“Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.” -Ed Cunningham


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