Introducing my first 3 buttons/blinkies…i knows its nothing great but hey! link it up if you want 🙂

Some rules though:

1. you must be a fan of ME. why would you be here otherwise? KAPAL!!! INDULGE ME,DAHLINGS hehehehe

2. you don’t have to have a site, but you do have to have a valid email address.

3. please put your city and country when applying to join. if you don’t, you won’t be added.

4. if you do have a site, you must link back to this “”fanlisting”” using an image or a text link. if you don’t, I’ll still list you, but I won’t list your site.

5. if you have a site that has any tasteless material (ie: racist, homophobic, pornographic, or just plain SQUATTERY…) I’ll still list you, but I won’t list your site. don’t be rude.

6. please do not direct link my image codes. that is considered bandwidth theft and that makes me very cranky. there are lots of freeservers out there, such as or that you can upload the images to. i do check sites for direct linkers, and if I find any, your site will not be listed and most likely the image will be replaced with something big and more than likely vulgar.

7. if you need to update your information, just send me an e-mail (sana sabihin nyo din kung alin ang gusto nyong button/blinkie da ba?)



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