“While you gave her flowers, you gave me thorns. While all she did was smile, all I did is mourn. While she was so happy, I felt so blue. Because while you loved her, I was loving you.”



Went to Greenhills. 2k down the drain

Stayed home since its my mom’s last night before she goes home.


Woke up VEERRRYYY early. Tinkered with my PC and Kazaa whole morning!!! Went to greenhills around 2pm. My mom had to go to the parlor. I read a book in Starbucks while waiting for my mom. Met up with Kaje. Did some window shopping…aahhh pure torture. No more shopping for me muna…till the next payday!

Left for the airport around 645. We waited for my mom’s luggage to be weighed since we know for a fact that she’s gonna go back outside to re-pack her stuff. Laging over weight kse! Fought with the kupalest airport security guard who had the gall to tell me to move from where I was standing kse I’m not a passenger. Told him that I was waiting for my mom coz she’s gonna go back out. Sagot nya na “pinapayagan na namin kayo na tumayo ng matagal kaya umuwi na kayo at nahatid nyo na nanay mo.” WTF!!! Angry me: Ano ho? I’m sorry but ang akala ko public domain and airport. Di ko alam na nabili nyo na pala.” HA! Stood my ground at di ako umalis. Punyeta pangalawang time na nya kong ni kupal e. The first time was when my mom first went in and she and I were talking at bigla akong pinapaalis. Told him then na wag maingay at kausap ko mom ko. Bwisit! Ang mga guards tlaga. Nagka uniform lang akala mo na sila na ang hari. When my mom went out bec nga of her baggages, syempre I had to help her naman no. So pumasok ako and he, again, blocked my way coz I wasnt a passenger daw. O sige manong kayo ang tumulong sa nanay ko mag impake and gave him the cutter and packaging tape. As soon as I did that he gave it back to me and told me to go in. KUPAL KA! Forever ka lang guard! Bwahahahaha

Haaayyy so syempre, I was too damn tired na tapos, my friend and I wanted to go to Eastwood pa for Fete De La Musique. I had apprehensions kse nga A’s brother told me na he’s kuya was gonna be there. Pakeng shiyet. So 10000 years later, we got to Eastwood mga 1230am na ata. Met up w some office friends and Jon’s friends too. Stayed till 230. The place was jampacked. Jampacked with squatters. This was the Attack of the Squatters!! Festival des squatters!!! Had me thinking tuloy why I went there. Sayang I wanted to hear Lila sing pa naman since I heard na she’s good. tsk tsk…anyways, there are some kwentos pa sana kaso I cannot e…yun pa naman yung mas juicy!

I totally love this Queer_Eye_for_the_Straight_Guy. It shown regularly in etc channel.

They’re basically 5 gay men, out to make over the world — one straight guy at a time. I totally like Kyan, the grooming guy. Sayang at bading sya. He’s the one beside the guy in pink (Carson).

Ted: “Is he Mr Right or is he just Mr Right Now?”

Thorm: “Do you like minimalist (interior) coz this is not, this is just bleak.”

Kyan: “Look at all the shampoo and conditioner sitting in one altogether. Call me old-fashioned but I like my shampoo to be shampoo…”

Jai: “Old fashioned!”

Carson: “If she doesn’t want to marry you, you get to marry one of the five of us, so it’s a win-win situation.”

Carson, holding tiger-striped tee: “Do you think he got this off the Lion King gift shop?”

Carson: “Where did you get this?”

John: “Erm, K-Mart?”

Carson, wide-eyed: “Don’t use that kinda language on me!”

Ted: “He is a real country boy…”

Thorm: “Country bumpkin is more like the word you’re looking for.”

Carson, passing John a pair of sunglasses: “Put that on, just kill us, just make us wish we were Tina…”


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