I read in the news that a Filipina American won a Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism…I’ve long wanted to be a photographer. I always took note of photographs that I came across when surfing the net or browsing thru the paper or a magazine. I was in HS when I started to take pictures. I was even our HS school photographer. I had a professional nikon camera that sadly got stolen during one of our HS fairs. Bwisit. After that I stopped taking pictures. When I got my Nokia 7650, I took pictures whenever I can. You’d be amazed that some of the pictures I’ll be posting were taken by my flying phone. When my dad gave me my wonderful Dc..ay naku, I started taking pictures again like a madwoman…So if you wanna see some of the pics that I took go to Joyful Wisdom

“Astrology is the best kind of general absolution. It’s not your fault, it’s in the stars.”

Charmed’s last episode in Channel 23 was about karma. Paige said that there is no spell to cleanse one’s karma. That there are spells to cleanse one’s aura but there is simply no spell for karma. In Cosmo Philippines’ June edition, they wrote about karma, too. Last night, Jon and I talked about karma. After what happened to be, I figured out that it was my karma that’s why I got hurt the way that I got hurt. It was karma why I i cried the tears that I cried. It was my past coming back to haunt me. For my exes. When I realized that a couple of months ago, I thought of ways that I could clean my karma. Sorta cleaning my slate. I made peace with Carroll. We’ve been friends for some time na. Even before my break up with A but we never spoke about what happened. He was the first person I spoke to when A and I broke up. He was such a friend. I never expected him to be one and and if he turned away from me then I would’ve understood but he didn’t. We’re better friends now and we can talk about anything under the sun. We text and ym almost everyday. He never fails to ask how I am and vice versa. I also made peace with the first guy who broke my heart. William. All these years I never knew why he broke up with me and recently I just found out why. I also found out why he has been trying to come back to me all these years. We’re not very good friends kse I chose not to be or we really can’t be close friends anymore since we’re so different na but we can talk and we don’t hate each other. All my anger and resentment were still there pa pala. deep seated anger and resentment towards what he did. But everything’s all right now. Now I just need to make peace with Mike. He was the guy I had a relationship with years after William. I didn’t love him as much as I should’ve. My term then was “mahal ko sya kse mahal nya ko”. I dunno how to make peace with him since I dunno how to contact him. I’m just gonna pray for him nalang. Now I am more appreciative of people (but still a laitera). I am more aware of how I interact with people-if they got hurt of something that I said or did. I also try to say sorry as much as I can and thank you, too. To simple opening a door for you or saying thank you’s. For Little things done done for me. For encouraging words

Hopefully I’ve really cleaned my slate and my karma is now leveled.

Why can’t life ever be easy?

“Joy seems to me a step beyond happiness — happiness is a sort of atmosphere you can live in sometimes when you’re lucky. Joy is a light that fills you with hope and faith and love.” –Adela Rogers St. Johns

This was taken from a website I chanced upon while browsing.

On 25th May 2004, fifty bottles were released into the sea off the south east coast of England near Ramsgate Maritime Museum, Kent.

The intended destination of the bottles is The Chatham Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands, which are 800km east of mainland New Zealand, are the nearest

inhabited land to the precise location on the opposite side of the world to Ramsgate Maritime Museum. Each bottle contains a message from residents of Ramsgate to the residents of the Chatham Islands, a pencil, an instruction leaflet as well as details of this website.

Several of the bottles are being tracked using GPS technology and are programmed to send their longitude and latitude coordinates back to Ramsgate every hour. The data they send has been used to create a live drawing which is automatically updated in real time.


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