Even Shakespeare agrees with us:

“Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more,

Men were deceivers ever,

One foot in sea and one on shore,

To one thing constant never.

Then sigh not so, but let them go,

And be you blithe and bonny,

Converting all your sounds of woe

Into hey nonny, nonny, nonny.”

~William Shakespeare

I remember the days when I’d stay home all day just watching tv. My favorite channel then was Hallmark. I absolutely love their home-movies. Some of my favorites are: Arabian Nights, Alice in Wonderland, Helen of Troy, Merlin….sus! lahat na ata…what I like about their TV movies is that they do not scrimp on the (i dunnot much about movie terms) design of the movie. I mean the costumes, sets and all the background chorvaness…they also do not deviate from what the story really is. Imma history buff so whenever I watch a movie I tend to check on the “historical” foundation of the movie…one example is Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice. The book is one of my all time faves but the movie >>>>>blech<<<<>>>>blech<<<<<


Pharrel Williams(feat. Jay-Z)

Don’t wanna sound full of myself or rude

But you ain’t looking at no other dudes cause you love me

(I’m sorry but.. so sexy)

So you think about a chance

You find yourself trying to do my dance

Maybe cause you love me (Uh, you do it well)

So then we tried – singing it slow now

Because you weren’t used to how fast we touched (fast we touched)

Then we locked eyes – and I knew I was in there

And I was gon’ tear ya ass up (tear ya ass up)

I know that I’m carrying on, nevermind if I’m showing off

I was just frontin (you know I want ya babe)

I’m ready to bet it all, unless you don’t care at all

But you know I want ya (you should stop frontin babe)

Trying to be the best girlfriend you could be

But still you sneak and look at me, and girl I love it

Then you give your other girl a show

Tell her you gon’ call her ass how it was

And she’s gon love it (whoa-oh whoa, yeah yeah)

So then we tried – singing it slow now

Because you weren’t used to how fast we touched (fast we touched)

Then we locked eyes – and I knew I was in there

And I was gon’ tear ya ass up (tear ya ass up)

[J:] We got another one Pha-real [Pharrell]

[P:] Dance, ooooooh ooooh

[J:] I call you Pha-real cause you the truest, haha, Young!

[P:] Whoa-oh, oh ohhhh

[J:] Uh, yeah

[P:] Dance, ooooooh ooooh

[J:] Yeah, lemme talk to em

[P:] Whoa-oh, oh ohhhh

[J:] I’m a keep it real

Everytime your name was brought up

I would act all nonchalant infront of an audience

Like if you was just another shorty I put the naughty on

But uh, truth be told you do me for a loop, this Hov

I’m too old to be frontin when I’m feeling Denzel

And you acting like you ain’t appealing but you are

Stunting like you ain’t my only girl but you are (I was just frontin)

I’m ready to stop when you are

Consider the Consequences

By: Brian Tracy

Discipline yourself to do what you know you need to do to be the very best in your field. Perhaps the best definition of self-discipline is this: “Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”

It is easy to do something when you feel like it. It’s when you don’t feel like it and you force yourself to do it anyway that you move your life and career onto the fast track.

What decisions do you need to make today in order to start moving toward the top of your field? Whatever it is, either to get in or get out, make a decision today and then get started. This single act alone can change the whole direction of your life.

Six Steps to Success

There is a powerful six-step formula that you can use to set and achieve your goals for the rest of your life. Every single successful person uses this formula or some variation of this formula to achieve vastly more than the average person. And so can you. Here it is:

Decide What You Want

Step number one: Decide exactly what it is you want in each part of your life. Become a “meaningful specific” rather than a “wandering generality.”

The Ultimate Goals Program – Learn the 21 most important strategies and techniques ever discovered to help you accomplish more of your goals, faster than you ever have before. Click Here to learn more.

Write It Down

Second, write it down, clearly and in detail. Always think on paper. A goal that is not in writing is not a goal at all. It is merely a wish and it has no energy behind it.

Set A Deadline

Third, set a deadline for your goal. A deadline acts as a “forcing system” in your subconscious mind. It motivates you to do the things necessary to make your goal come true. If it is a big enough goal, set sub-deadlines as well. Don’t leave this to chance.

Make A List

Fourth, make a list of everything that you can think of that you are going to have to do to achieve your goal. When you think of new tasks and activities, write them on your list until your list is complete.

Organize Your List

Fifth, organize your list into a plan. Decide what you will have to do first and what you will have to do second. Decide what is more important and what is less important. And then write out your plan on paper, the same way you would develop a blueprint to build your dream house.

Take Action

The sixth step is for you to take action on your plan. Do something. Do anything. But get busy. Get going.

Do Something Every Day

Do something every single day that moves you in the direction of your most important goal at the moment. Develop the discipline of doing something 365 days each year that is moving you forward. You will be absolutely astonished at how much you accomplish when you utilize this formula in your life every single day.

Action Exercises

1. Decide exactly what you want, write it down with a deadline, make a plan and take action – on at least one goal – today!

2. Determine the price you will have to pay to achieve this goal and then get busy paying that price – whatever it is.

Since I got back to work, I’ve been seeing him almost everyday…glimpses here and there and my ws is near his area so I also get to hear him. bwisit. nakaka miss. pwede wag na please…+++stabbing heart motion+++…what I started doing is to make sure that I eat early (before his shift) and when I’m in the ws is to just stay there and work with music blasting in my ears so I won’t hear him…

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win.”

~Dame Margaret Thatcher

So how many battles do I have to fight before I win the war? Before I am finally able to lay down al my battlegears..before I am able to put down the walls I created around me…before I am able to live in peace time? How many battles more…

On a lighter note…MJ going to Pinas???

According to NBA.COM

Jordan in Tokyo

Talking to Michael at the end of Asian tour

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) commissioner Noli Eala has invited Michael Jordan to attend the opening of the league’s 30th season in Manila on Oct. 2 in a grand ceremony as guest of honor.

I handcarried Eala’s letter of invitation and personally delivered it to Jordan during a 45-minute interview arranged by Nike in a 50th floor suite at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo last Monday (May 24).

Jordan, 41, was in Tokyo for two days on the final leg of a week-long Asian tour that started in Beijing, proceeded to Hong Kong and stopped in Taiwan.

Jordan said it was his first trip to Asia in eight years and welcomed the opportunity to meet fans, the press, and retailers of his personal footwear and sports apparel brand.

“I’ve gotten older and bigger,” said Jordan. “I hope to keep coming back to Asia, see old friends and say thanks to the fans for their support. The main purpose of the trip was to kick things off in terms of marketing our brand. In the future, we hope to bring athletes over and introduce more products. I’m doing a lot of brand work now that I’m retired. The Asian fans are great and I’m grateful that they appreciate my expertise.”

In his letter, Eala told Jordan “how rabid basketball fans the Filipinos are and how much Michael Jordan is loved in the country.” He said Filipinos are known to be among the most passionate Jordan and basketball fans in the whole world.

“While we may have missed out on being part of your Asian tour this time, the PBA would like you to be part of a forthcoming milestone in the rich history of Asia’s first professional basketball league,” said Eala.

“It is with great pride and honor that we formally invite you to be our guest of honor when the PBA opens its 30th season with a grand ceremony on Oct. 2, 2004. Your presence will not only add prestige to the occasion, it will most certainly make our opening rites the most important date in the Philippines’ basketball calendar. It is our hope that you will act favorably to this invitation. Our basketball fans are just aching to let your experience the Filipino hospitality that’s known the world over and shower their basketball idol with the love and adulation like no other.”

With the letter, Eala sent the PBA’s hard-cover, coffee-table book “The First 25 Years” and a league pin to Jordan.

Jordan was in Yokohama on the Nike Hoop Heroes tour in 1996 and said he hardly did sightseeing or shopped during the visit.

“Japan still looks the same,” he said. “I was able to do some shopping this time. I bought watches for my kids, purses for my wife and I even got myself a watch.”

Jordan’s first public appearance in Tokyo was at the Mitake Park in the Shibuya district last Sunday afternoon (May 23). He was surrounded by about 100 fans, mostly kids, to dedicate the first outdoor basketball court in Japan.

“I hope someday one of the kids gets to play in the NBA,” said Jordan. “The court is made of recycled shoes. It’s a good start. It’s a court for kids to play on. It’s all about communities evolving.”

Later that afternoon, Jordan appeared on stage with Jordan brand president Larry Miller for about 30 minutes in a media presentation at the Park Tower building beside the Park Hyatt Hotel. Jordan and Miller spoke to the press and answered questions from a Japanese announcer.

Miller said the Jordan brand, a division of Nike, reflects excellence, sophistication and confidence. “We cultivate a combination of style and sport,” he said. “We are the leading edge in product design Our vision is to build a premium brand that reflects excellence on and off the court.”

Jordan said he participates in the design of the products. The Air Jordan shoe series, now up to the 19th version, is the heart and soul of the product line. The 20th version is due next year and is now being worked on.

The Jordan line endorsers were personally handpicked. They include NBA stars Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Ray Allen, Eddie Jones, Mike Finley, Derek Anderson, Quintin Richardson and Carmelo Anthony.

Before they came on stage, 15 male models paraded in a dazzling light-and-sound fashion show that unveiled the extensive Jordan line of footwear, apparel and accessories. The models walked to the beat of hip-hop music, wearing jerseys, caps, armbands, wristbands, different kinds of shoes and an assortment of lifestyle apparel for all seasons.

The next morning, Jordan met with selected members of Asian media for 45 minutes in a private suite. Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines were represented in the exclusive interview.

In the interview, Jordan said he knew some of the imports playing in the PBA and nodded his head when the names of Art Long, Jerald Honeycutt and Torraye Braggs were mentioned.

Jordan said “it’s great for the Philippines” that NBA players find their way to the PBA. “It’s all about the evolution of the game on a global basis, about raising the level of competition all over the world,” he added.

Told that a PBA team tried to bring in Dennis Rodman, Jordan smiled and simply shook his head without saying a word. It was obvious what he meant.

On the possibility of a Filipino someday playing in the NBA, Jordan said it won’t be easy but it can be done.

“Small players are making an impact on the game,” said Jordan. “Guys who are 5-3, 5-7 and look at (Allen) Iverson, he’s barely six feet tall. It’s like David against Goliath There are no shortcuts to making it. You gotta believe you can do it, that you can make it happen. It’ll take a lot of hard work but if you set your mind to it, you can do it.”

As for more Asian players breaking into the majors, Jordan said the level of competition in the region is not like in the US. He explained that there is much so talent in the US where playing the game is more prevalent. But he pointed out that international players, especially in Europe, are improving.

Jordan said he has played with Chinese center Yao Ming and described him as “a great shooter and passer.” He added that with more experience, Yao will get better and better. “I’ve seen him play,” said Jordan. “He has improved tremendously and he’s building up his knowledge. You can expect a better performance from Yao in the future.”

Jordan said his parents taught him to be positive in life. He recalled being cut from his high school basketball team and bouncing back from the disappointment. “My parents taught me to turn it around,” he continued. “Sure, I was disappointed but I turned the negative into a positive. It’s what I tell the kids. It’s okay to not succeed. But it’s not okay not to try. Don’t be afraid to try something. But if you don’t succeed, you work harder until you do. And if that still doesn’t work, maybe it’s not meant to be and you try something else. The thing is you don’t give up trying.”

Jordan said he doesn’t play the game anymore and just shoots around with his kids. “No more double-clutch and fadeaway jumpshots,” he went on. “Just shooting around with my kids who love sports. Like them, I grew up with sports. Why basketball? I grew tall. I was six when I began playing baseball. As I got older, my skills were more tuned to basketball than baseball. Now, I play golf about three or four times a week. My favorite course is Augusta where they play the Masters. Will I ever be a pro golfer? No. I’m not that good.”

Jordan said it’s hard to imagine he’s been involved in the game over 20 years.

“I can’t believe it’s been 20 years,” he said. “It’s difficult to live up to the fans expectations. It’s like I’m on a pedestal. The respect I’ve gained was generated by the way I played. I’m thankful that I was able to play at a high level. It’s given me a lot of respect and made my job now easier to promote my brand. Whatever I did on the court is how I’m respected when I stepped off. It’s great to be admired, to be able to be of influence and inspire people. The advantage is I’m able to talk to kids, to people. The disadvantage is it’s tough to move around, to go to movies with my family and just hang out.”

Posted by Joaquin Henson – May 27 2004 11:54PM


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