“I get knocked down but I get up again, you ain’t never gonna bring me down” Chumbawamba

After all the hullabaloo of the past months I often thought what others think of me now…do they think me weak? impulsive? martyr? stupid? tengengot? strong? Whatever they may think of me now may it be negative or positive, one thing is for sure, that I have to work double time to be able to earn people’s respect again because I know that is something that I lost when I was going through my insanity stage…I have to make people believe in me again just as I am also starting to believe in myself again…

If I was invisible

Then I could just watch you in your room

If I was invisible

I’d make you mine tonight

If hearts were unbreakable

Then I could just tell you where I stand

I would be the smartest man

If I was invisible

Wait, I already am

Earn the Respect of Others

By: Brian Tracy

Being respected by others is very important to each of us. A survey done by the Gallup organization found that the most prominent living Americans rated the respect of others as the most important measure of success in life. They worked very hard to earn the respect of their parents, the respect of their spouses and children, the respect of their peers and colleagues, and the respect of mankind at large.

Why You Respect Yourself

It seems that we truly respect ourselves only when we feel that we are respected by others, and we will go to great lengths to earn and keep that respect. When we feel that someone respects us for who we are and what we have accomplished, we tend to be more open to that person’s influence.

Two Things You Can Do

We can do two things to put ourselves in a position to be respected by others. The first is to develop our knowledge of our field. The more people perceive you know about your subject, the more they will respect you. The highest-paid people in almost every field are those who know more than the average people. They are recognized as experts, and they develop what is called “expert power.” Because of their superior knowledge, they are looked up to and listened to, and they are much more capable of influencing others to act in a particular way than they would be if their knowledge level were just average.

Know Your Business Well

The best salespeople are those who know their products cold. They deeply understand every aspect of their products and the ways in which their products can be used to achieve the most important goals of their customers.

Mary J. Blidge – Not Gon’ Cry

While all the time that I was loving you

You were busy loving yourself

I would stop breathing if you told me to

Now you’re busy loving someone else

Eleven years out of my life

Besides the kids I have nothing to show

Wasted my years a fool of a wife

I shoulda left your ass a long time ago

Well I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon shed no tears

No, I’m not gon cry,

It’s not the time

Cuz you’re not worth my tears

Well I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon shed no tears

No, I’m not gon cry,

It’s not the time,

Cuz you’re not worth my tears

I was your lover and your secretary

Working every day of the week

Was at the job when no one else was there

Helping you get on your feet

Eleven years of sacrifice

And you can leave at the drop of a dime

Swallowed my fears, stood by your side

I shoulda left your ass a thousand times

Well I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon shed no tears

No, I’m not gon cry,

It’s not the time

Cuz you’re not worth my tears

Well I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon shed no tears

No, I’m not gon cry,

It’s not the time,

Cuz you’re not worth my tears

I know there are no guarantees

In love you take your chances

But somehow it seems unfair to me

Look at the circumstances

Through sickness and health ’till death do us part

Those were the words that we said from our hearts

So now when you say that you’re leaving me

I don’t get that part

Well I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon shed no tears

No, I’m not gon cry,

It’s not the time

Cuz you’re not worth my tears

Well I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon cry,

I’m not gon shed no tears

No, I’m not gon cry,

It’s not the time,

Cuz you’re not worth my tears

.:: 150 Questions ::.

[1] What did you want to be when you were younger? a fighter pilot

[2] What’s your favorite type of music? Anything that sounds good

[3] What do you spend most your time doing? surfing the net and reading and watching tv (sometimes all at the same time)

[4] Would you rather stay at home or go out? Depends…

[5] What is your favorite ‘fast food’ restaurant? im not so sure kfc mc donald’s or wendy’s

[6] What is your favorite restaurant? I don’t have one

[7] Are you a farmer? Nope

[8] If you could marry anyone who would it be? someone who will love me honestly and faithfully

[9] How much do you think about the opposite sex? i hate them right now

[10] What’s your favorite toothpaste? Colgate

[11] If you could go anywhere where would you go? Europe

[12] How many people do you live with? 2 ( i counted stupid dog since Imma feeling mabait today)

[13] What is your favorite sport? Badminton and Slam ball!

[14] How many kids do you want/ have? 6? i want lots of them 🙂 sigh

[15] What are their names? they will have long names…

[16] What color lipstick do you usually wear? i werar lipgoss usually

[17] Coke or Pepsi? coke

[18] What’s the last thing you bought from a Pharmacy? My anti depressants, my allergy and migraine pills

[19] Have you ever been in a wreck? Yep….

[20] When do you usually go to bed? depends what time I woke up

[21] Whats the worst thing you ever did? fell in love with someone

[22] Do you attend church? Yes

[23] How many friends do you have? I believe in quality over quantity…. I really couldn’t say…

[24] What’s your greatest accomplishment? Being alive!

[25] Are you afraid of the dark? No

[26] Are you bored? Not really

[27) Do you wear a lot of black? no

[28] Do you get along with your parents? Yes finally!

[29] Would you consider yourself ‘popular’? nope

[30] Do you live in the country, burbs, or city? city

[31] Most painful experience? When I got my heart broken

[32] Most happy experience? that’s something that I can’t remember right now but Im usually happy when I’m with friends

[33] Have you ever been stalked? Yes….gggrrrrrr….

[34] Have you ever egged a house? Nope

[35] Do you go hunting (deer,duck,etc)? No

[36] Do you support P.E.D.A.? whats that??

[37] Do people think you’re crazy? Most do

[38] How many people on your buddylist? i dont wanna count now

[39] Do you ever scream into a pillow? yes and cry and drool…

[40] Have you ever drowned a fish? Had the itching but no

[41] How many songs do you know all the words to? lotsa!

[42] Do you listen to The Beatles? Yes

[43] Do you listen to Eminem? just lately

[44] Do you know anyone who thinks they’re Eminem? No

[45] Do you read books often? Yes

[46] Do you strive to fit in? Strive? No

[47] Fave gum? The new Orbital gum for Kids

[48] Do you snore? Yes

[49] Are you afraid of thunderstorms? yes

[50] Do you care what you look like? YEs Imma vain

[51] Is your hair color fake? Yep… right now it is

[52] When’s the last time you kissed anyone? what kind of kiss?

[53] Do you ‘fall in love’ easily? No…. never have

[54] What’s your best physical feature? Imma perfect!!!!

[55] What attracts you most to the opposite sex? Eyes, smile, how they speak, how they carry themselves…hey! im not perfrct for nothing…

[56] Are you picky about who you date? Somewhat

[57] What’s your favorite cologne/ perfume? Ralph and Hawaiian ginger

[58] Do you like roller coasters? Yeah

[59] Have you ever flown in a airplane? Yes

[60] Do you have ‘big’ feet? for my size yes

[61] Do you wear make-up? Yeah

[62] Have you ever went bungee jumping? No

[63] Ever been to Paris? No ..i wish

[64] Do you believe in Vampires? Yes

[65] If you could become a Vampire, would you? Yes

[66] Would you call yourself normal? What’s normal?

[67] Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Nope

[68] Have you ever stolen anything? Yeah

[69] Do you eat seafood? Yep

[70] Have you ever been trashed or extremely intoxicated? I dont drink

[71] Ever drove while drunk?

[72] Do you drink a lot or at all? Just sometimes , and usually with friends

[73] Have you ever lit yourself on fire? Nope

[74] How many people do you trust with your life? I can’t answer that question

[75] Are you considered intelligent? perfect yes so..it follows na…

[76] Are you considered a nerd? i think so

[77] Do you talk on the phone a lot? nope

[78] How often do you take a shower? pag leap year

[79] What kind of bodywash do you use? johnson’s milk bath

[80] What’s your favorite candy bar?

[81] Ever blew a beverage out your nose?

[82] Do you like jaw breakers?

83] What color is your room?white

[84] What do you say a lot? squatter, kadiri, ohey, whatup

[85] What’s your best personality trait?

[86] What’s your worst personality trait? laitera, cry baby, i hold grudges

[87] Do you have any medical problems? yep

[88] Are you listening to anything? yes

[89] What’s the last movie you’ve watched? ? starsky and hutch

[90] Have you ever been in a fist fight? Yeah

[91] Do you talk too much? YEs!!!!

[92] Sneakers or open-toed shoes? opem toed

[93] Can you do a cartwheel? Yep

[94] Ever been camping? Yep

[95] Shorts or jeans? shorts

[96] Double dates or just the two of you? Depends

[97] Can you rhyme well? no

[98] Have you ever belonged to a gang? no

[99] Know people who belong to a gang? yes

[100] Do you smoke cigarettes? yep

[101] Indoors or outdoors? depends

[102] Have you ever gotten beaten up? nope

[103] Do you know how to cook? little

[104] Do you know how to do laundry? Yeah

[105] When you get a pizza, how many slices do you eat? 2

[106] How much do you weigh? 😛

[107] Do you consider yourself too fat/skinny? ffaatt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[108] Do you watch the superbowl? before yes

[109] What’s your least favorite color? i dunno

[110] Have you ever faked being sick? Yeah

[111] Ever done something illegal? Yeah

[112] What’s the longest you’ve stayed up? 3 days

[113] Are you afraid of dying? Yes

[114] What’s your biggest regret? Lots

[115] Ever picked up a hitch hiker? No

[116] Is your name on any bathroom walls? Hope not

[117] Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? No

[118] What annoys you most? annoying people

[119] Do you have an accent? No

[120] Who is your role model? myself….imma so perfect!

[121] Do you like surprises? yes

[122] What’s the ideal age to die? let you know when i reach that age

[123] Do you like to dance? inside my room yes

[124] Ever took ballet? Yep

[125] Bold or pastel colors? depends

[126] What do you normally watch on TV? AI, CSI, Monk

[127] Do you have any ‘special’ talents? I’m perfect na e

[128] Can you swim? Nope

[129] Can you play a musical instrument? Nope

[130] What Zodiac sign are you? Virgo

[131] Do you prefer public schools or private? Private

[132] Do you care what people think? yes

[133] Have you ever shot a gun? No

[134] What’s you biggest fear? Being alone 😦

[135] How many hours of sleep do you normally get? sleep? whats that???

[136] Regular ice or crushed ice? Regular if I have to

[137] Blue ink or black ink? black

[138] Are your clothes mostly loose or tight fit? depends

[139] Have any piercing? Ears

[140] Gold or silver? both

[141] What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Pantene

[142] Do you blow dry your hair? No

[143] What do you sleep in? tattered shirts over pajamas

[144] Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? britney, i guess

[145] Spiderman or Dare Devil? none

[146] Have you ever broken a bone? yes

[147] Shower or Bath? Bath

[148] Do you have an cavities? yes

[149] Have you ever wore braces? nope

[150] Would you choose true love or to be rich? tuwo-wuv!

“Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars


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