for an OC person like me, my room is a bafflement how the hell can I be a clean freak person when it is so untidy, disarranged and full of stuff that needs to go straight to the trash can-better yet, the incinerator.

I tried to fix -mind you, not clean but fix my room this morning. there’s a distinction between cleaning and fixing my room. the latter needs a miracle of God the latter…just needs my attention to be able to get the guts to throw all the papers, letters and whatnots from my closet. I was able to fill 2 big grocery size plastic bags and my room is still not fix. Among the things that I threw out are letters, gifts and momentos of my relationship with William. He was the first guy who broke my heart. I read each and every one of the cards and letters he gave me, one of which is the letter asking me to take him back and that he has realized his mistakes and all that horse shit. A couple of years ago, I cried to the high heavens asking for God to bring him back and now that he is, I do not even have the minutest interest in him. such irony. I wanted to throw out all of the things I have of him but decided to retain the letter he wrote when he was asking me to take me back as a reminder. a reminder that God answers our prayers…salamat po Lord…

I watched the Kris and Korina morning chorvalu at medyo naguluhan ako no. there was no clear explanation as to what they were talking about but from the looks of it, i think it was somekindasorta about love and relationships…i think…isang oras akong nabwisit sa host (si Kris lang wala si Korina) at sa mga bobita at bobito ng guests…the saving grace of the show was presence of my boyfriend Christian Bautista and the answers of Luis “I love you lucky” Manzano and that Jodi girl…the host and and the 2 other guests namely, Polo something na ang pag pronounce sa moments is mo-ments, si heart na as usual is Trying hard. camille prats was…so-so…pwede na…their answers were all answers of a selfish person who wants all the men and women to themselves kesohadang may masaktan o wala. I expected it from heart being the ditzy stupid (understatement ito) girl that she is but from Kris…well, i should’ve expected it too but kse naman medyo may anak na po tayo at ilang beses nang na in love e mukha iha…wala ka pa ding utak..YOU GIVE THE AQUINO NAME NOTHING BUT SHAME…why we make tangkilik these kind of showbiz personalities are sooo beyond me…Kris even made me angrier when during the commercial break, there was a segment about what happened in The Buzz, i think. Which was Kris breaking daw with Mark Lapid on national tv. Our God, this gal absolutely has all the gal and no delicadeza whatsoever…another thing that made me shout “tanga” from where I was seated was when she agreed with what Heart said about breaking up w someone because she’s not happy with that person anymore kse we she met another person who made her happy…sure, break up w someone if you think you’re not happy with him or her anymore but tell that person that you’ve found someone new na??? Iha, you want that to happen to you? Follow the golden rule. Can we get better TV hosts and celebrities please!!!!

Kris, you’ve hurt a lot of people. Your kid got all your bad karma. You got some of it din, kse nagiging kabit ka lang at “sex partner”….Shape up dear. Di ka naman ganun kagandahan. yes, you may have the name and the fake whitened skin but hey…you might wanna put something inside your brain and heart, too.


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