back track to last week..

6 hours of staying under the sun and I only succeded making myself one lever darker…sus! para que pa!?!?!?!

Friends to the rescue: My mom wanted to go back to Manila monday na but i swear I can’t stand one more day in Batangas due to my oc-ness…i needed to be back in my old room..own bed…and be able to wash all the dirt….good thing Eric and Den (same guy who rescued me from that panget guy that I met on a blind date) went all the way to Batangas to pick me up…why? kse wala daw sila magawa…ahh such nice friends..we ate dinner at Dencio’s Tagaytay…I really like the place…the view…the weather…hhaaayyy…sarap may kayakap….erase! erase! erase!…hehehehe…before we went home, we drove around Nasugbu muna…the “resorts” are nice and all but I miss the old Nasugbu….before punta fuego and all those fancy resorts there was just a couple of nice beaches that we’re not that known to the whole philippines…and I miss the old Bamboo beach which has been renamed Kawayan Cove…family developed it ala punta fuego but a bit quieter coz artistas, the military and politicos are not allowed to buy lots there…its still in the process of being developed but then again, i love the old bamboo beach with its old bomb shelter and 100 plus stairs that wound down the side of the mountain, its old well which is the only source of water, the bat cave, the white sand (unlike boracay’s fake sand) and of course the quietness of the place…no one could use the said beach unless then came in via boat and they can only stay in the “aplaya” or the beach front but not inside the property. the water is heavenly especially in the morning coz its warm and clear…see the pic below……aaaahhh…the good old days….

I’ve been semi busy the whole week…shopping…tulog…shopping..tulog…watch tv…watch dvd ( i swear I must have been buying those pirated stuff as if there’s no tomorrow!)..badminton (one time lang)…fixed some papers…matulog…manood..kapihan( na dapat pala sa akin is coke-an since I dont drink coffee)…

just got myself a new cpu and some pc gadgets like a webcam kaso ke bago bago dame problema..bwisit..i have difficulty connecting to ym or to any website for that matter…ano buzzzzz……

bad trip…my cd’s got fucked up…nag jjump na sya..i think its because of the sands that got lodged inside my cd case when I brought it to the beach…kainis….excuse me puro original po lahat ng cd ko… 😛

i dont have the best TM that one can have but so far he is the best and I can talk to him…although others sez na they can’t daw…me, I can e….anyway highway, I told him na I’ll be retracting my resignation…he said na sana my vacation did some good on me and that I am in a better state than the time when we last spoke…kung si penguin yan naku kesohadang mamatay ka wala syang paki sa yo….

i can’t say that I’m 100% better…all I can say is at least I don’t cry na…yes, I do get lonely and sad din…melancholic….but again, I don’t cry na….aaahhh when will the sadness end…will I ever be able to love as truthfully and openly as I did before…i think not….i think he took away my ability to believe…and for that I hate him…and as Myls said, he doesn’t deserve my friendship…

“I was told never to expose my inner senses.” (audrey hepburn)

its difficult to trust someone again with your heart when someone you gave your heart to in the past broke that trust..its difficult to make someone responsible again for a part of your happiness…to make yourself feel “unglued”..maybe after what happened I’ll never love that way again…who knows its either that I never find my man ever again or that I find someone who I will love more…..who knows…who knows what the fates have in store for us…who knows what God plans for us..who knows…

just this weekend 🙂

back from rainy Subic…

went to Subic w Myls and “Manong”, Garv, tin and Ayn…at syempre nakapag beach kme..nog nog na nga kme kse sa tagal namin nag myles ba naman e nag nude sa beach…ayan pinagtabuyan tuloy tin…ayun nag pick up ng mga boytoys sa beach…si ayn….nag jetski hanggang taiwan tapos bumalik after 2 hours ksama si Jerry at Vanness kaso pinauwi din namin yung mga ksama nya kse ang papanget e…di pa maruong mag bisaya so di kme magkaintindihantuloy…ako..ayun…nagpaka perfect lang nanaman…how boring ….actually ang totoong ginawa lang namin is kumain…matulog kumain…shopping…matulog…kumain..matulog…how exciting no!?!?!


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