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Friday, May 14, 2004

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Step back from the brink of desire. Wanting something so much is affecting the rest of your world. You’re not losing anything this way — in fact, you’re gaining a lot more than you realize.

When i went online today someone sent me this message:

J: hi honey!

sweet no? but I got a bit sad…kse no one calls me that anymore.. 😦

Marc naman my foolish friend sez:

Marc : are you retrackting your resignation at our beloved people support?

ME: i dunno

ME: should I?

Marc: i don’t think you should.

Marc: if your reason for quiting is this foolish guy, then i think you should stay. fuck that shit.

Marc: bakit ikaw pa ang aalis? dapat siya.

ME: e its mahirap to stay in one place where you get to see him e

Marc: the best revenge is that if he sees you’re alright and that he doesn’t mean anything to you anymore.

Marc: tangina belle, i know you’ve got more guts than that, stop being such a pussy and suck it in boy!

Marc: do it for the team!

ME: ok na sana tapos do it for the team???

Marc: hehehe

Marc: but really, ewan ko nga sayo kung bakit ka ganyan eh, the way you’re acting now is not the belle i know. The belle i know wouldn’t take any kind of shit from anyone.

Marc: bakit ba? did he really rock your world?

ME: i love him

ME: really loved him

Marc: let it go dude. i can’t tell you when its time, but sooner or later, you have to. for your sake.

Marc: love is a two-way street. wag kang martyr.

Love is a form of hysteria. Fortunately, it always passes.

I wanted to post some pics but decided against it since it was so gruesome…pics from The Passion that was sent to me along with this caption:

As I stood outside the doors.

I tried to prepare myself for what I was about to see.

But when I entered the room I had no idea that my life would be

changed so drastically. I sat there in silence, as all did.

The room was filled with the flickering light of the screen.

As I cried, only a little bit, too shocked to move. I felt like my heart was broken inside me. I wanted to cry , but felt it hard to breathe I watched in silence. As this man demonstrated what Jesus did for me. It broke my heart and tears began to flow.

I felt helpless and I wanted to make them stop. The pain I felt was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Then I began to cry out to God. I realized at that moment if He had not done this for me.

This love that I feel for Him now would have never come to be. He laid in the temple yard beaten. His face disfigured from the punches and blows. The robe he wore was covered in blood as red as a rose. With every ounce of His strength He pulled himself to His feet. Only to be knocked down again. But all that He did was for me , what greater love shown by a friend? When they lead Him away , His body was weaken by the Pain. The Roman soldiers had no pity on Him and began to beat Him again. They slapped Him in the face and knocked Him to the ground. No idea that this was all for them as well. That this man would one day rise up and reign over all man and save many from Hell. As He carried the cross on His back to the place where He would soon die. You could hear people weeping all over the room. As many in the crowd cried. We all knew what was next and it made it hard to bare. All our eyes fixed on the screen. All you could hear was the sobbing cries of the weeping. The sounds of those mourning in despair. The actor laid on the cross as they drove the nails in his hands and in his

But I could see only Jesus there giving His life for me.

The movie became real, the pain was real, the tears ,and the blood.

And then it was like God spoke to me and said “There is no greater love. My son did this for you. He laid his life down so you wouldn’t have too.He traded his crown in Heaven for a crown of thorns and a beating you would never indure.”

I knew at that moment that this had to be.

Even though it seemed so unfair.

But the greatest thing happened! God caused my eyes to open and see. The crucifixion became clear.

I could truly see what really happened.

No greater love was shown to me.

Than the day Christ was nailed to the tree.

(Written and copyrighted by Patricia Montgomery 3-12-04)


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